Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Real Rescuer Always Finds Room for One More

Frankie's story was submitted by our friend Leslie Molinari, who rescues and rehomes thoroughbreds through her NUZZLE ME SAFE OTTBs in Doylestown, PA. 


It was a cold, wintry day when I was  called to go pick up a  horse in need of finding a new home/career from racing. As I was loading my new four-­‐legged family member, I was approached by a crusty looking man who said, “Please take Frankie."   

Frankie? Who is Frankie? The older gentleman  pointed to a dilapidated barn, which was ready to be torn down. As I went inside there was a lonely horse standing in ankle high muck, and covered in manure. He was the only horse left all alone in  this filth. Not a cry, or a sound came from Frankie. What a brave soul to be left alone with no friends living in filth and with no complaint. 

As most of you know horses are herd animals and do not like being  alone, and yet here was Frankie all alone quietly waiting for someone to help him.   

“Oh my God!” I shouted out to the man. “How did this happen?” The man explained to me, Frankie was abandoned by his owner and left … Well you know the  rest.       

The old man, who looked liked he needed to be rescued too, was taking hay and grain from various people and sneaking Frankie food. Frankie’s days were numbered since the barn they were hiding him in was about to be torn down. One look at Frankie and his desperate condition, and he was on my trailer heading to my farm.  I took Frankie out of his stall, he was covered in filth and as he gazed into my eyes I knew he was saying thank you.   

I rehabbed Frankie and  found him a great  forever home   where today he is flourishing in  his new career with Jess   Carter in  NJ.  Jess and her students love Frankie, and now he loves his life and enjoys all the treats, hugs, and kisses he gets every day.   

Here is Frankie today! 


TT NOTE: Frankie raced 28 times, his last start was at Parx on November 5, 2011.  But for the rescue by Leslie Molinari, he likely would have been shipped to slaughter.