About ThoroTalent:

ThoroTalent began as a special feature on the award-winning equine lifestyle TV series, Unbridled, created by Susan Kayne. The segment aimed to celebrate the diversity of thoroughbreds, and to commend the brave, courageous, and compassionate people who have extended a second chance --often life-saving -- to a thoroughbred.

Thoroughbred lovers tuned in, and the little feature quickly became a big fan favorite on HRTV (TVG) Network. Viewers responded by sharing hundreds of incredible stories by email, and suddenly Susan had more material than her time allotted on the air. Hence the birth of this blog.

Each week on ThoroTalent you will find a new true stories--heartwarming, heartfelt, and sometimes heartbreaking. Each one is selected to inspire, educate, and enrich you with the splendor and spirit of thoroughbreds.

Rachel Carter, TT Editor: 

Rachel Carter is a writer and editor based in Upstate New York. She specializes in collaborating on inspirational true stories, helping individuals preserve and broadcast meaningful experiences. Rachel's life was touched early on by the beauty and friendship of horses, including Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds, as a young rider who participated in equitation classes and small hunter-jumper shows. Today, she is focused on advocating or volunteering for local projects in animal rescue, rights, and adoption, and is thrilled to contribute to the making of the ThoroTalent blog. She lives with her two cats, Cleo and Bella.

A note from Susan Kayne, TT Creator:

It is my sincerest hope that readers of ThoroTalent will discover the meaningful joy of life with OTTBs. Whether it is personally applicable to finding and developing the horse of your dreams, deepening your understanding of and interest in thoroughbred rescue and re-homing, or simply a place to relish stories of real-life happy endings, ThoroTalent is my pleasure to bring to you.

My own love affair with thoroughbreds began when I saw a little bay horse from South America win the Kentucky Derby in 1971. When Canonero II crossed the finished line to the roar of crowds, he raced straight into my heart. In the years that followed, I spent the majority of my youth riding and showing OTTBs--from Pony Club, to eventing, and eventually to A-rated shows. As thoroughbreds shared their courage, character, and kindness with me, they carried me over the courses of my dreams. I am deeply indebted with gratitude to the breed.

Since Canonero II’s victory over one million thoroughbreds have been registered in the US with the Jockey Club. It is estimated that each year 70% have been sent slaughter after fulfilling their duties as racehorses, and before reaching even a quarter of their natural lifespan. Many of those killed are big, sound, beautiful thoroughbreds in their prime who just need a champion to give them a second-chance.

For the past two decades, I have rehomed several dozen thoroughbreds, including those who never raced, to big stakes winners, to retired broodmares. Each one succeeded in a new career: as a backyard pet, therapy-horse, trail horse, or A-rated show star, respectively. The true value of a thoroughbred as a companion animal or competitive partner far surpasses any amount of money they could win on the racetrack.

Please take time to read, savor, and offer your thoughts and experiences with us and our readers. Click the SHARE buttons--together, we can make life better for thoroughbreds on this planet–and you may just save a life. No thoroughbred deserves the horror of cruelty, suffering, or mass slaughter.

Every horse needs a hero.